Private Driver in Lyon

Are you looking for a Private Driver in Lyon ? Are you looking for an efficient and comfortable means of transport ? For local, national or Lyon airport routes ? Discover our services and book your private driver in Lyon with Men In Benz!

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“We want to offer you the best transport service with Private Driver in Lyon”

Kilian Wohler

Private Driver in Lyon - All Distances - Sedan or Van

For all your travels, you can bring your full confidence to Men in Benz, your company with private driver in Lyon ! We are at your disposal whatever your need, both for local and national routes. Moreover/, we propose to transport you aboard one of our Sedans or in one of our Van according to the number of passengers:

We invite you aboard our vehicles for a comfortable ride and all destination. So, the goal of our company, with private driver in Lyon, is to bring you a concrete transport solution with a helpful, professional driver who will meet all your needs. That’s why we take care to bring you every time a renewed comfort and attentive listening.

In other words, we will be your trusted partner whether for a local trip for personal reasons or a national trip from Lyon for professional reasons. 

To request our services, nothing more simple! Contact us by phone at +33 7 72 08 33 20 or visit our booking module to order now your next trip with private driver in Lyon.

Our Transport Services

Need a private chauffeur in  Lyon area ? We will adapt to your needs.

A private driver will be at your disposal in Lyon for all your destinations

Our private driver ensures your shuttles to and from Lyon Airport.

Need a transport in one of the stations in Lyon or France ? Contact us !

Enjoy a safe transport with private driver between Lyon and resorts in the Alps

Private Driver on request 24/7

Men in Benz, your private driver company in Lyon, puts at your disposal its fleet of vehicles from 1 to 7 passengers, that you can book by phone or online.

Local trips with private driver in Lyon region

Indeed, you can use one of our professional drivers for a local trip, i.e. in the Lyon region. Thus, we will be able to provide your shuttles between Saint-Priest, Caluire-et-Cuire, Bron, or to Meyzieu or Rillieux-la-Pape.

All distance trips in France & Europe

If you wish, our vehicles can take you far beyond the Lyon region, to Paris, Lyon or Brussels. Indeed, we offer our services whatever your destination, whether in Rhône-Alpes, France or all over Europe. This will be an asset in particular in all your personal and professional projects.

What are the advantages of Men in Benz ?

The different on board services will offer you a true escape moment. According to your needs, with ourcomfortable and elegant vehicles, we will be able to adapt our offers, according to the situation. In addition, for services for professionals, the discretion is an asset that Men in Benz particularly highlights. Finally thetrust-based relationship is also a very important factor, so that you can be completely confident when transferring during your business trips.

Driver for Night outings

Outings are generally opportunities to relax and not to worry about your means of travel. Thus, our company with private driver in Lyon takes care of your night travel whatever your request. You can easily go to an evening, to the cinema or for dinner at the restaurant.

You can rely on the experience of our drivers. They have a perfect knowledge of the Lyon region and the best places to spend a pleasant evening. If you want to celebrate a bachelorette party or an outing with business partners, we offer you a perfectly adapted 24/7 transport solution.

Group transport

Thanks to Men in Benz luxurious vans, you will be able to enjoy maximum comfort during your evening trips for 1 to 7 passengers. You will be able to enjoy a pleasant evening with friends, couples or colleagues and find yourself all together in a spacious and comfortable space. We will adapt and accompany each other all night long.

You will not have to worry about returning to your respective homes once the evening is over. You can rely entirely on the professionalism of our drivers to bring you back to your destination. Choose safety and enjoy your evening in the hands of an expert private driver.

Shuttle in Lyon's Airport

You can call upon one of our private driver from Men in Benz to ensure your transport from or to Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport.

The advantages of our Shuttle between Lyon and Lyon Airport

To travel peacefully, you must have a trusted transporter between your place of departure and the check-in terminal. This is why we have set up a shuttle service with private driver between Lyon, its region and Saint-Exupéry International Airport. In concrete terms, with our services, you will be sure to arrive on time for your flight, whatever the circumstances. This will allow you to positively consider your trip without stress but with a smile. Indeed, we are experts in serving this platform and our private driver will be your trusted partner to get you from your home, hotel, or any place to Lyon-Saint-Exupéry International Airport. In other words, we offer our services directly from Lyon Airport. Our private driver will greet you as soon as you arrive and drive you to your destination, whether in Lyon or throughout France. Do not be shy about sharing your needs with us and we will meet them with a suitable and highly reliable solution.

Shuttle with private driver from Lyon to all airports in France/Europe

We are also at your disposal to ensure your transfers from the Lyon region to the Aéroports de France and Europe. This is particularly interesting in the context of correspondence. For example, if you arrive at Bron Airport and have a flight to catch at Clermont-Ferrand-Auvergne Airport, our private driver is at your service.

Focus on Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport

Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport is the 4th largest airport in France with nearly 11 million passengers each year. It is a national and international airport, served by 46 airlines. The latter bring together more than 120 destinations and the cities served are both French and foreign. The airport is 25 km from Lyon’s city centre. It is well accessible so that everyone can enter or leave the airport area freely. However, to ensure a reliable and comfortable transfer, do not hesitate to contact us and use our services for your next trip.

Private driver at station in Part-Dieu & Perrache

Transfers with Lyon Stations

The city of Lyon has three main stations, which are served by our transport company with private driver. First, those of Part-Dieu and Perrache, in the city centre, then those of Saint-Exupéry airport.

Transfers with French/European stations from Lyon with private driver

We will be there to transfer you from Lyon and its region to all the stations in France and Europe. Therefore, you can count on us to go to Geneva-Cornavin, Chambéry-Challes-les-Eaux and of course the TGV stations in Paris.

Focus on Part-Dieu and Perrache stations

It should be noted that the city is now served by the TGV in the centre of France. It is only 2 hours from Paris and 1 hour and 40 minutes from Marseille or 3 hours from Lille. Lyon Part-Dieu station is one of the most important in France. It is a modern space for passenger services. The latter was designed to be larger and more welcoming. Indeed, three new galleries have been created and the station has doubled in size. Similarly, for areas dedicated to the reception of travellers. Gare de Lyon Perrache is considered a secondary station. There are more than 320 departures and 25,000 passengers pass through it daily. In addition, the latter provides the terminus for TGV trains to and from Paris or Nantes and Rennes. In addition, the station provides an important regional service, thanks to its TER Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. It joins Villefranche-sur-Saône and Mâcon to the north, or Bourg-en-Bresse to the south, Saint-Étienne, Bourgoin-Jallieu and Vienne to the west, Roanne to the west and the stations of the Savoy region to the east.


The largest ski resorts in the Alps are directly accessible from Lyon thanks to our service with private driver VTC. Indeed, Men in Benz is ideally located in the heart of the Lyon metropolis and will be able to serve all the winter sports resorts of Savoie, Haute-Savoie and Isère.

The advantages of a transfer to Stations from the Lyon region

Our drivers are familiar with the access roads to all stations. In addition, if you arrive by plane, we can pick you up directly on arrival and transfer you to your destination hotel at the resort without delay. It is important to note that mountain roads can be a risk for unaccustomed motorists. Our drivers are experienced and will provide you with comfortable and safe transportation. So don’t hesitate to contact us and book your next trip online.

Focus on the different ski resorts in the French Alps

The French Alps, at the gateway to Lyon, are among the most equipped to fully enjoy and devote themselves to winter sports. Among the most famous ski resorts, La Plagne is certainly the most popular in the world. Located in the Southern Alps, the latter benefits from a large surface area. Indeed, it has 225 km of slopes if we consider only the Alps area. This figure can reach 425 km if we take into account the tracks of Les Arcs. The latter are accessible from the Vanoise Express, one of the most imposing cable cars in the region. In addition, the site also has Olympic bobsleigh tracks. Val Thorens, located at an altitude of 2,300 m, is the highest ski resort in Europe. It is also one of the largest resorts in France and Men in Benz can take you there, no matter which winter sports resorts its customers choose. The 150 km of the latter is divided into 68 runs. Val Thorens is part of the 3 Vallées ski area, which is the largest ski area in the world. In case the quality of the snow cover disappoints you, go to Flaine. Indeed, it is the snowiest resort in France. The scenery is magnificent and its ski area is part of the Grand Massif, also a huge site with 137 slopes and a total length of 265 km.

Rates & Booking of your Private Driver in Lyon

What are our rental rates ?

By using Men in Benz, you will have the advantage of knowing in advance the price of the trip. No more surprises on arrival. Our rates are all-inclusive and based on the number of kilometres to be covered. In addition, we offer adapted packages for key destinations. We also offer sliding scale rates according to the distance so do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote. As part of a provision, we offer an hourly rate including a predefined number of kilometres.

Online or telephone booking of a private driver

To make your reservation, you can contact us directly by phone or make an online request. All you have to do is tell us where you are to be picked up, the date and time and finally your destination (in the case of a single journey). Then, we will define the type of vehicle according to the desired level of range and the number of passengers. In addition, we will ask you the number of passengers and if you want one or more baby seats and booster seats in the vehicle. Your reservation will be registered after only a few minutes. Once the reservation is made, we will do the rest. Our goal is to make your job as easy as possible while providing you with an impeccable quality of service.

Payment method for a private driver in Lyon

For payment, you can pay once you are in our vehicle. We will accept cash and your credit card, as it is equipped with a mobile payment terminal.