Private Driver in Lyon

Are you looking for a Private Driver in Lyon ? Are you looking for an efficient and comfortable means of transport ? For local, national or Lyon airport routes ? Discover our services and book your private driver in Lyon with Men In Benz!

Men In Benz

“We want to offer you the best transport service with Private Driver in Lyon”

Kilian Wohler

Private Driver in Lyon - All Distances - Sedan or Van

For all your travels, you can bring your full confidence to Men in Benz, your company with private driver in Lyon ! We are at your disposal whatever your need, both for local and national routes. Moreover/, we propose to transport you aboard one of our Sedans or in one of our Van according to the number of passengers:

  • Mercedes E-Class sedan from 1 to 3 passengers
  • Mercedes C-Class sedan with 1 to 3 passengers
  • Van Mercedes Class V from 1 to 7 passengers

We invite you aboard our vehicles for a comfortable ride and all destination. So, the goal of our company, with private driver in Lyon, is to bring you a concrete transport solution with a helpful, professional driver who will meet all your needs. That’s why we take care to bring you every time a renewed comfort and attentive listening.

In other words, we will be your trusted partner whether for a local trip for personal reasons or a national trip from Lyon for professional reasons. 

To request our services, nothing more simple! Contact us by phone at +33 7 72 08 33 20 or visit our booking module to order now your next trip with private driver in Lyon.

Our Transport Services

Need a private chauffeur in  Lyon area ? We will adapt to your needs.