Shuttle with private driver to Lyon Airport

Men in Benz is the partner for your travel to and from Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport. Our experienced team of drivers is available at all times to ensure you a highly secure and comfortable transport. The interventions of our team of private driver in Lyon extend over many perimeters. We are ready to take you to all the cities of Lyon, France and even Europe both on the outward and return journey. To contact our transport company with private driver in Lyon, a simple phone call to the +33 7 72 08 33 20 is enough. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Men In Benz

“A private driver at your side for all your shuttles and transfers with Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport”

Kilian Wohler

A shuttle with private driver to Saint-Exupéry airport

For many years, our passenger transport company has been offering a quality service to visitors and residents of the Lyon region. We are a trusted carrier that can ensure your safety throughout the journey to Saint-Exupéry airport. Men in Benz is very demanding in the selection of private drivers. This is to create a climate of trust and a pleasant atmosphere on board the shuttle during the journey to or from Lyon airport.

Men in Benz' Assets

You may be wondering what are the main assets of our transport company. They are multiple if only the following points are mentioned :

    • Punctuality

Our team of private drivers is very strict about flight schedules. With our transport company, you will not have any concerns about delays. By trusting our team, you will be sure to arrive on time and never miss your flight.

    • Professionnalism

Men in Benz is a reliable company, present in the sector for several years now. We always show professionalism and kindness in our services.

    • Availability

Aware of the very diversified flight schedules, our Lyon shuttle transport company has a high availability. We can take you to or from the airport according to the indicated schedules. Our team of drivers is available 24 hours a day, even on weekends and public holidays.

    • Discretion

For professionals, a discreet vehicle is sometimes a necessity. With Men in Benz, you can be sure to remain discreet during your transfer to Lyon, France and Europe airports. Indeed, we have several adapted vehicles such as the Sedan and the Van. The latter can perfectly meet this requirement

A shuttle with private driver from Lyon to the airports of France and Europe

In addition to providing your transfers to and from Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport, our transport company also offers another alternative. These are the shuttles that allow you to travel back and forth between the city of Lyon and the airports of France. Moreover, we offer you a shuttle service to and from airports all over Europe. With this means of transport, you can better optimize your time and move away from sources of tension.

This service is very advantageous for both professionals and individuals. And especially if you plan to make two trips to the airports at the same time. If you wish to leave immediately at Clermont-Ferrand-Auvergne airport upon arrival at Bron airport, for example, you can use our transport service with private driver. We will make sure to pick you up as soon as you leave the airport and take you to the airport of your choice. With us, you won’t have to worry about anything. Our experienced drivers are perfectly able to satisfy you.

Why choose Men in Benz for your transfers to Lyon airport ?

    • To relieve you of any stress

Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport is located more than twenty kilometres from the city centre. Even if it has good accessibility, it is better to use the services of a shuttle with a private driver. Indeed, with this driving professional, you will have the assurance of arriving on time and boarding your plane in complete peace of mind. Also, you will be able to avoid tensions related to the search for a parking space once inside the airport enclosure as well as possible additional costs.

    • For comfort and safety

The shuttles of our private drivers company guarantee you an incomparable comfort and an optimal safety. Indeed, to take care of our passengers, we always ensure that our vehicles receive the necessary maintenance. We also only use recent and top-of-the-range models. Choosing our private drivers company in Lyon means choosing quality. Once on board our vehicles, you can have a  refreshing bottle of water.

    • For discretion and elegance

We take discretion seriously. For businessmen, this is of paramount importance. On board one of our spacious and elegant shuttles, you will be sure to be able to make the trip to the airport in complete discretion. Your driver will try to build trust in order to make sure you get the most out of your trip.

    • For the price-quality ratio

The advantage of Men in Benz is that you can know the price of the trip in advance. Our pricing is based on the number of kilometres you will travel. However, no matter which airport you want to go to, you can benefit from an excellent price-quality ratio. To obtain a quote, we invite you to contact us.

    • For ease of booking

Our transportation company has the advantage of offering an easy way to book. To book a shuttle bus to Lyon Airport, you can contact us directly by phone. It is also possible to send us your request online.

    • For the payment method

With our shuttle company with private driver, you can pay for the trip as easily as possible. Indeed, you can pay once on board your shuttle. To do this, you can use your credit card or simply pay us in cash.